This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Black Mesa Golem Ape

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Hl garg.png Black Mesa Golem Ape General information Faction

Xen military



Individual information Health


  • Flame thrower
  • Stomp attack
  • Punch</ref>
Game information

The Black Mesa Golem Ape is a large and powerful Xen alien creature found in Black Mesa.


Two HECU soldiers fighting a Black Mesa Golem Ape in Sector E Track Control.

The Black Mesa Golem Ape is approximately six meters (20 feet) tall, mostly blue in color, and has one yellow eye that glows red when it perceives a hostile unit. In place of hands, it sports two pincer-like appendages resembling mussels that can be opened to emit jets of intense heat (the Alien Grunt hands are also similar), as well as secondary "de-evolving" legs below the trunk,[1] a common trait in most Xen creatures. The creature has a thick carapace that renders it completely bulletproof, and requires a large amount of explosive, electrical, or energy damage before being destroyed. Each time it is met, it can rarely be defeated with conventional methods.

Behavior and skills

The Black Mesa Golem Ape on top of the Hydro-Electric Dam.
  • The Black Mesa Golem Ape can emit jets of intense heat from its pincer-like hands that easily kill foes.
  • It can hit with its arms and feet and also send a shock wave towards its opponents by powerfully stomping the ground, represented by a speeding red dot. This shock wave inflicts heavy damage to the player upon reaching, though it is quite slow. When hit, the HEV Suit detects "internal bleeding", the only instances where these words are heard.
  • The Black Mesa Golem Ape moves quickly (slightly faster than the player) and is very strong: it can smash or toss large obstacles in its path with ease, and is invulnerable to most small arms fire.
  • Another ability that this creature possesses is a "supersonic roar". It is never seen in action, only heard when being out of range. Still, the roar is shown to be incredibly powerful and dangerous, as can destroy constructions such as the ceiling of a hallway leading to Sector E Track Control's power generator.


While it is difficult to do and not required in most of the Black Mesa Golem Ape encounters, the creature can be destroyed with conventional weaponry when having enough of the right kind of ordnance. Explosives or explosive weapons such as the RPG and energy weapons such as the Tau Cannon or the Gluon Gun are effective against it.





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